The Big Bang project we prepared for more than a year was done and gone last Monday with little fanfare or scratches. It went too well.

Suddenly I felt very sleepy and slept half of the Thanksgiving days and nights. I acquired a strange exuberant feeling being able to sleep so much so well.

There were thoughts feelings emotions floating in my head as usual but I stopped them. I just wanted to sleep through this long weekend without much thoughts.

Like a bear cuddled in a secret cave enjoy her dormant moment in the late fall.

We have not been to this upscale seaside restaurant next to a state beach for at least five years and were surprised to see it become an almost fast-food joint busy mom-pop shop.

Gone were the dark blue starched table cloth, the fresh flowers in a glass jar on the…

She stared at the lense with an 87 years old lady’s kindness, tolerance, wisdom, and a half-hidden smile.

I had the magazine on the nightstand table next to my pillow, and we exchanged the gaze every night before I went to bed.

Gradually, her gaze started to make me feel…

It is only here
I would want to burry you
My deepest secret
And wait for the downfall of the Sierra snow
To turn into a million tears of silver streams
Running towards you
Running above you
Slowly and eventually

And I would come back
Many years later
And found you
Smiling back…

Jane my ex-coworker sent back a picture from Rome.

I was instantly taken.

The more I look at this open window the more I realize what a luxury to have a window this big, high above the ground, outlook into a street fully covered with the lush plan trees and branches and leaves. It also can be fully opened so you can feel you can smell the summer breeze.

If that is still not enough for your sensual satisfaction, you can put out your whole upper body on the opened window, fold your arms and watch the hustle and bustle people dogs and cars down the street, and day dreaming.

It is a lost luxury for many of us the urban dwellers.

P Chang

It all started with the 2020 SIP

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