A moment of moral panicking

It was a few minutes past the sunset. I was standing on a narrow beach, admiring an enormous rock about 50 yards away in the water.

The waves from the pacific ocean at the twilight were unusually active, even a bit violent. They rushed in and made big splashes on both sides of this rock and adjacent cliffs.

It was a magnificent scene with powerful roaring sounds. I found them more alluring than the vague and ambiguously colored skyline.

Suddenly, a young man showed up. He dug a deep hole and stabbed in a pole fastened with a rope. Then he held the other end of the rope and started walking into the sea.

The waves kept coming. Some of them smashed the rock and the surrounding cliffs with dozen feet high of millions of white pieces.

The man kept walking deeper into the water and heading towards the big rock. He casually held the rope, not even making an effort to create a knot to fasten the rope to his arms or his waist.

A big receding wave almost pulled the rope out of his hands, but he did not change the course nor stop to fasten himself more securely.

It happened so fast I was stunned by what was happening in front of my eyes. I looked around. All the other handful of people, mostly the photographer type, were busy minding their own business. Seemly I was the only one noticing him and his adventure.

I started panicking.

There was a 10% chance this careless young man would be knocked down and then washed away by a sudden conjoined wave coming from both sides of the big rock.

What should I do if that were happening?

Should I rush to the pole and try to pull him back? Should I first call for more people, then we all go into the ocean and pull the rope?

What if that pole were pulled off by the sudden receding power of the drowning young man? Should I continue into the water to pull him back?

Or should I stop forwarding to save myself and watch him being washed away by the big unruly waves?

I suddenly got a bit angry with this man. He was putting me, the sole witness of his endeavor, into a moral dilemma situation.

Nor could I scream at him, begging him to come back immediately.

I watched him with a heavy heart till he finally put his hand to touch that big rock. He immediately headed back to my immense relief, and there was no drama. The waves were relatively calm on his way back to the shore.

I silently laughed at myself and then shook my head.

Some dilemma you just wish you would never be exposed to nor challenged by for the rest of your life.



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