Cheers to the CDC outdoor mask off day

One secret mission my daughter had in her mind when she planned this 14 months absent home coming trip was to prepare me for April 27 2021 — the CDC Outdoor Mask Off Day.

Over the two weekends shopping spree together in the beauty departments of the Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, armed with my daughter’s latest greatest research knowledge, my collection of the essentials suddenly was upgraded from near zero to the minimal size.

And the investment can finally be shown to the public.

Yet I told my daughter that my end goal is not to led people to think that I have any makeup on my face.

What a waste of money of the women’s beauty games.

But I agree that there are a lot of fun pursuing it, particularly with the help of your own daughter.

It all started with the 2020 SIP.

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P Chang

P Chang

It all started with the 2020 SIP.

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