Imagine a different kind of remote working

We are two years deep into the pandemic.

Omicron is diminishing, at least mentally, while the death rate of the United States rose to the new high of 2565 on Feb 6, 2022, according to today's New York Times.

We reached a point of getting fatigued by the virus and all its shenanigans. These 2565 dead fellow Americans are becoming an arbitrary number that nobody relates to except for their dear close loved ones.

The world is quietly opening up.

We should take advantage of this significant transition period when remote working is still dominating the working culture while we can, as no one is sure it is a new lasting luxury or will be gone in another one or two years.

How about a 30 day working / PTO road trip to travel to places we always want to spend lengthy time exploring?

For a starter, traveling across the southern coastline of Australia is one long-held dream rooted deep in my early teenage years when I was introduced to the Chinese version of Jules Verne’s Les Enfants du Capitaine Grant.

That book opened my eyes and imaginations to numerous Australian and South American places' exotic plants, animals, and geography. It was a book that profoundly shaped my deep passion for travel and the ardent curiosity of different flora, fauna, and cultures.

I bet my Aussie manager would love to see me go to places upon his recommendations and even be eager to host team meetings where my Zoom background shows up oceans and mountains and city skylines that are dear to him and eye-opening for the rest team members.

Imaging I was the boss, and one team member went to China to work remotely there and occasionally PTO on hopping from place to place. I even start smiling just thinking about that scenario.

It is a very actionable plan when Australia opens its door to the international travelers. The same can also be applied to a 30-day remote work/PTO trip to Japan, Eastern Europe, and South America.

The only problem is to convince someone to join me as I am never a loner traveler.

It usually would not be a big problem to pack a couple of co-workers to go on an extended work/travel trip back in China where the office culture usually blends effortlessly with personal lives.

Or you have a partner who is 100% time and geo flexible to accommodate you.

Keep dreaming.

Time is running out, or what I describe here will become a trendy reality in a few years in the high-tech world?



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