Reflections on the 2021 last 2 weeks staycation

Spent Christmas eve in the Yosemite Valley and enjoyed the fairyland like dawn view of the valley on Christmas day

I could not believe that this was my first time to visit Yosemite in winter and instantly know it is actually the most beautiful season if you are lucky to run into snow there.

We should go there more in winter times since it is so close to Bay area. It is offically qualified to be our “backyard” national treausre and sanctuary space.

Watched the last sunset of 2021 at the Highway 1 Bixby Bridge

The pandemic changed how we celebrate the new year eve; no more big parties in one of our friends’ houses or some far away vacations destinations.

I welcome this new tradition. It is a form of reflection near our home base and a way to say bye of the 365 days passed by and welcome the new year.

And we are so blessed living so close to one of the most beautiful coastal lines on earth.

Binge watched the 3 seasons’ 30+ hours of Succession and fell in love with its soundtrack music pieces

In last 7 days, I already binge-listened the soundtrack on Spotify album for 3 times and many more to come. Then I found I was totally a late fan of this composer Nicholas Britell. Going through the 49 pieces on Spotify, I cannot help to think these pieces sounded so much like a great set of graduate school project made by a super talent Juilliard School student for the classic music subject.

Britell’s genius music talent showed in his calibre of making all kinds of variations based on a very strong and memorable melody; and in each of these variations he made tribute to these great composers from the 17, 18 and 19 centuries. These variations reminded me the techniques we classic music lovers nowadays are so familiar with and deeply fond of. On top of that, he did it with some modern twist and way more sophisticated and acoustically rich recording mechanism.

The following are four variations of an identical theme. The last one is the most beautiful one but it is way too short. I just hope the composer eventually will expand this piece.

Made 260 frozen wontons with wild mustard greens fillings

2021 October downpour set a great base for the earlier than usual sprouting of wild mustard greens in Christmas time.

I wasted no time to forage a lot of them to make various comfort food. On the first day of 2022, I made 260 wontons with it and now they are sitting in my deep freezer and will likely to be devoured starting tomorrow when I am going back to the hectic work days.

Too much visual and sound and food indulgence and I am afraid I am losing something important here

Back in early 2013, it was me who forced my close friends to get their own mobile phones, instead of using their college kids leftover flip phones.

Now, I am worrying some of them including myself spent way too much time on our phones.

And we no longer spend time reading books, magazines or newspapers, no longer writing letters to our parents, or our dear but remote friends. We keep constant connections with everyone via social media. Our own thoughts are losing the chances to get articulated through writings.

Perhaps this is my 2022 new year resolution — pick up reading books and keep on writing.



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